After 44 years and 10,000 students we have polished the art of teaching English as a foreign language, hosting guests in beautiful England, and making people happy in their studies. You will enjoy the Exeter Academy experience!

‘If you think that it’s impossible to study a foreign language and enjoy yourself at the same time… You haven’t been at the Exeter Academy yet.’

Salvatore, ITALY

We are a small school which helps us to meet all your needs and concerns. There is always a friendly face to help you!

Exeter Academy’s core strengths are in quality control and care of students.

We have developed the unique Exeter Academy Multi-level System that allows each student to be in the most suitable class for: ‘Grammar’, ‘Speaking and listening’ and ‘Reading, writing and vocabulary’.

We continually assess your progress. Students making rapid progress can move to a higher class and those who are finding the work too difficult can move to an easier level.

Key Facts

  • Average 40-50 total students from 12-16 different nationalities
  • Average class size 6 or 7 students, maximum 12
  • Average age of students is 30 years old
  • Between 2005 and 2020, student feedback for our teaching was 96% positive showing consistent satisfaction over a long period.
  • Our homestay families provide 3 meals a day, seven days a week and most families are within easy walking distance of the school
  • Our building and facilities help to optimise your learning experience.

Plus, you will love our activities!

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