We have welcomed over 10,000 students over the years and have many truly lovely messages from them – here are some more recent ones:

‘I really recommend Exeter Academy if you wonder which languages school is good for you. There are a lot of good teachers and students who come here from all over the world.’

Ayumi, JAPAN

‘If you want to improve your English and have the time of your life then Exeter Academy is the best way to do it.’

Begona, SPAIN

‘Everyone I met in this school-teachers, staff, and classmates-was friendly and very warm to me. I’m truly grateful for the assistance and the experience I have been given. I’ll never forget this great time in Exeter Academy.’

Sang-jun, KOREA

‘I appreciated that I always got information, not only about the lessons but also trips to do…Here you will meet wonderful people, go on loads of trips and just enjoy yourself!’


‘If I want to select the language school again in the future, the first choice of mine will be Exeter Academy!’

Po-zai, TAIWAN

‘My time at Exeter Academy helped me to pass my English Exam, to develop my personality and above all it was one of my best experiences.’ 


‘Exeter Academy is very good. You learn a lot and the staff are very nice’

Olivia, FRANCE

‘Exeter Academy is a lovely English Language School with a fantastic atmosphere. All school staff are friendly and hospitable. People in school get to know each other easily and quickly. Everybody gets on very well with each other. It is also a good place for an adult like me to learn English. I really enjoyed my time here’.


‘Never have I met such wonderful staff! Whenever I needed help, they always tried their best. Thank you so much indeed! I’ll miss them so much!’

Yun-Ling Shih (Betty), TAIWAN

‘I was looking forward to going to school every day because all of you in the office were always kind and helpful to me.’ 

Mayumi, JAPAN

‘I can’t describe how much I enjoyed my stay here at Exeter Academy. Seldom have I come across such a motivated team. I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your dedication and support’


‘I’ve enjoyed my studies at Exeter Academy and I’m going to recommend the school to my colleagues. I can see that instead of two weeks I should have stayed for four and I should have come here twenty years ago!’ 

Marianne, FINLAND

‘There is a good mixture of different ages. I felt comfortable and I am 66’


‘I have really had a good time. I think I have made huge progress thanks to you. I will miss Exeter Academy because there is a perfect atmosphere for studying English. If I come to study English again, I will choose Exeter Academy again! Thank you very much!!’

Byounghoon (Kim), KOREA

‘See you next year!’ 

Cecilia, ITALY

‘I am very happy to have this opportunity. I think the academy is a very nice place, with very good teachers and I really like how it works. I am also very happy with my family, they couldn’t be nicer. Thank you for everything!!’ 

Maria (Xelo), SPAIN

‘This was my third time at the Exeter Academy….The teachers are all well prepared and professional. They do their best in the class…The atmosphere is so relaxed and it’s easy to get to know the other students…It’s amazing what a mix of ages and nationalities there are.’

Mariam, ITALY

‘I really enjoyed my stay in Exeter. At the school, I always met well-prepared teachers and nice and friendly students. The fact that the school is not that big seems to be the main reason for the feel good feeling I had during my stay. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the school to you.’ 


‘I was really surprised that I improved my English skills in only two weeks’


‘I enjoyed meeting people from various countries. I liked the friendly atmosphere at Exeter Academy. I loved going to school again’ 


‘I enjoyed my stay at Exeter Academy and appreciated it very much that I have been taken care for very individually and by professionals who are highly qualified. The lessons were always interesting and hilarious, never boring.’ 


‘Thanks to the Exeter Academy and your excellent teachers, I passed my exam in English. From now on I am allowed to do city tours through Lucerne in English. I am very happy!’ 


‘As a final comment I would like to say that this is the best school in Britain among those where I have taken students and primary teachers. I will recommend it to my colleagues and to the regional department of education I am working for. Thanks to my teachers and to the staff of Exeter Academy.’ 


‘YEAHHH! I’m so happy about my results! It’s unbelievable-I got an A!! I never thought that I would be able to get such an exceptional score! However, Charlie and Lis believed in me… and that’s why I was so successful. When is the next CAE Exam?!’ 


‘Exeter Academy is very generous; free tickets etc.!’ 


I’ve just learned that I passed the CPE exam with grade C. I was best in Reading and use of English, the papers I was convinced that I had failed. My sincere thanks to my teachers, Lis, Jenny and Charlie who supported me during my stay at the Academy. I wouldn’t have passed without their precious help!’ 


‘I’m glad to inform you that I’ve passed the CAE exam! 
I’m very happy about that and I’d like to thank YOU one more time for the good lessons and the wonderful time I could spend at Exeter Academy.’ 


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