Terms & Conditions Of Enrolment


1. If you wish to join a course at Exeter Academy Ltd, please complete and return the application form to the school. Do not send

any money at this stage.

2. Fees are subject to alteration if circumstances make it necessary.

3. A registration fee of £75.00 is charged on all courses. A small administration charge may be made for any change to course

or accommodation and for the booking of non-homestay accommodation.

4. All fees are payable before arrival for the full period of enrolment. Fees should be received no later than 4 weeks before

the commencement of the course. The Academy is under no obligation to provide the course or accommodation if fees are not

received by the due date.

5. Cancellation. Provided written cancellation is received more than 4 weeks before the course starts, all fees paid will be

refunded less the deposit. If less than 4 weeks before the course starts, fees will be refunded less the deposit and two weeks’

tuition and accommodation fees. Once the course has started, students have no right to a refund. However the Principal may,

at his discretion, agree a partial refund when a student is obliged to leave due to unforeseen circumstances. In this case

the refund will be subject to a cancellation charge of two weeks’ tuition and accommodation plus any expenses arising out of

cancellation. It is advisable you take insurance to cover early termination of your course.

6. Students enrolled at the school undertake to attend classes regularly and punctually. A student has no claim to a refund of fees

should the whole or part of a course paid for in advance not be attended.

7. All weeks are charged as full weeks. No reduction can be made for temporary absence or late arrival. Late arrival for a

course should be notified to the school. Non-arrivals have no claim to a place after one week from the expected date of

arrival unless the school has been previously notified.

8. All money paid to the school in respect of accommodation is paid in full to the family.

9. Students and their possessions are not insured by Exeter Academy Ltd or the homestay family. It is a condition of booking that

the student takes out insurance before arrival and Exeter Academy Ltd cannot accept any liability whatsoever for any loss,

accident or injury, howsoever caused or sustained.

10. Fully comprehensive medical insurance is obligatory.

11. We believe our students and staff should study and work in a positive, safe and friendly environment and any infringement of

this policy may lead to action which could result in expulsion from the school with no refund of fees paid.

12. We regret that Exeter Academy is unable to accommodate pets of any kind.  Guide Dogs and assistance dogs are permitted

13. For full details of your rights under Data Protection please see Privacy statement under policies on website


You can pay by

Credit or Debit Card (no fee charged)

Or: by Cheque made payable to:
Exeter Academy Ltd

Note: All cheques must be made payable in Sterling and drawn on a bank which has an associate branch in the UK.

Or: by Direct Payment
All direct payments must be routed through:

with the following information:
The correct bank information which can be found on the invoice.
Student's Name & Invoice Number

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