There are two types of visa for study in the UK.

Short Term Study Visa

This is for students whose main intention for coming to the UK is to study and is valid for up to 6 months although you can study for less time.

  • You can study up to six months.
  • You have to leave the UK when it expires.
  • Visa national countries have to apply in advance.
  • Non Visa National countries can get a six month Visa when they arrive in the UK

(Please contact Exeter Academy if you need further information about Visas)

Short term study visa students are divided into two categories, Visa National and Non-Visa National.
Certain countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Brazil are Non-Visa National while others are Visa National. 
Non-Visa National students can get their study visa when they arrive in the UK. They will need to show an acceptance letter from the school in which they are studying and they will receive a stamp in their passport.
It is important to ensure that the Immigration Officer knows you are going to study because they might give you just a tourist visa if they don’t know. 
All Visa National students must apply for their visa in their home country and their visa will be in the form of a ‘vignette’ a sticky label which is attached to a page in their passport.

Extended Short Term Study Visa

This is an extended version of the Short Term Study Visa.
  • You can stay up to 11 months
  • You have to leave the UK when it expires.
All students must apply for this in their own country in advance of their course.
It allows them to study for up to 11 months.
When Student Visitor and Extended Student Visitor Visas expire students must leave the UK.
If they wish to apply for a new visa, they must do so from outside the UK. 
Please note, it is not currently permitted to study in the UK with a Visitors Visa.

Tier 4 General Student Visa

This is needed by students who are going to study here for more than 11 months or who want to apply for a new visa in the UK, without returning home or leaving the UK. 
Students holding this type of visa need to apply for a Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) from the school/college where they want to study.
To qualify for a CAS you  need to have minimum B1 English level on the CEFR, which for example is 4.0 at IELTS, in all skills.
Please see this link for all SELT examinations that are accepted by the UKBA:
Dependants of Tier 4 Dependant Visa holders can also study full-time and do not need a CAS. There is no restriction on level of study for Dependant Visa holders.
(Exeter academy is not currently a tier 4 sponsor )
Tier 4 students who have another main sponsor can study full-time at another HTS school in their holiday periods, and as long as this study doesn’t interfere with their main course. They can also study part-time (less than 15 hours) at another HTS school before the main course starts or after it finishes.
Tier 4 visa holders can apply for a new visa, or extension to their current visa inside the UK.

The above information is a summary only and Exeter Academy accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained on this page. The Academy cannot confirm entitlements or otherwise to visas for attendance nor is it able advise on visa requirements.  All prospective students should refer to the UKBA website above.

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