Exclusions / Discipline policy

As stated in our terms and conditions, we believe our students and staff should study and work in a positive, safe and friendly environment.
Any aggressive, violent, prejudiced, discriminatory, inappropriate, illegal, or other behaviour which infringes on this will lead to action which could result in the expulsion of the perpetrator from the school.
Any student behaviour judged by the Principal to be detrimental or harmful to other students, staff or the reputation of the School, will result in the following procedure described below being put into place.
Examples of such behaviour include bullying and intimidation, disruption of classes, acts of verbal or physical aggression, homophobic acts, committing criminal offences or actions resulting in a police caution, racist offences, and illegal involvement with drugs or alcohol.
The procedure is as follows:
1) In the first instance, any misconduct will result in a warning from your teacher or Director of Studies.
2) A second act of misconduct will result in a warning and interview with the Principal or a Director, and the issuing of a written warning.
3) In the event of any further occurrences, the student will receive a final letter of notice and will be excluded from the School with immediate effect without refund of unused course fees.
The Principal reserves the right to apply stage 3) immediately according to the severity of the offence. 
Students who consistently miss lessons or arrive late for classes may also be asked to leave the school if their behaviour impedes the development and enjoyment of other students.
Tier 4 students are subject to regulations regarding attendance. Failure to meet the UKBA requirements on attendance may lead to cancellation of visas.

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