A few days after the trip, we went bowling and there were some big surprises. Some of the girls, for example Akiko and Amy, were fantastic players but in the end the overall winner was Omar with an amazing score of about 130! If he doesn't become a lawyer, I think he could have a future in professional bowling!

Most recently, Fiona took a group to one of our favourite places, St Ives, right at the end of Cornwall and they had a fantastic time as always, wandering around the town, being creative at the Tate Gallery and eating some delicious Cornish pasties. Here are some of Fiona's photos:

Kelly enjoying Aiden, Yuta and Jeong's artwork!

I'm not exactly sure what they're drawing...

Jeong, Leire, Yuta, Aiden, Kelly and Amy enjoying a traditional Cornish pasty

Everyone at the end of the day. Look at the colours of the sky and the sea!

Finally, I would also like to wish the best of luck to the group from the Zurich Business School that has recently been studying with us. They have worked really hard, and we've been very impressed with them. Well done to all of you and good luck for the First Certificate exam!

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