May started in the most glorious way with a trip to the stunning Exmoor national park. It was a really nice day with some warm spring sunshine and some amazing views. We walked along the River Lyn from Watersmeet to Lynmouth, where we stopped for lunch. After lunch, we took the 'railway' up to Lynmouth and then we walked along the cliffs to one of my favourite places, the Valley of the Rocks. A fantastic day!

The pretty waterfall at Watersmeet

Waterfall resized

Everyone on a bridge over the River Lyn

river lyn group

A nice rest in Lynmouth

drink lynmouth resized

The walk to the Valley of the Rocks

valley of rocks walk resized

Enjoying the views!

group valley of rocks cropped and resized


The rest of the month was not so sunny...what happened to Spring?! But to keep everyone happy, Aiden organised a Table Football Champions League! West Ham Sandwich (the teachers' team) should have won, but Real Madrid were the champions in the end! I'm not sure how...Maybe a bit of cheating??? ;-)

 table football#

But, fortunately, at the end of May the sun came back to say hello to us, and remind us how lucky we are to work in a school with such a beautiful view

school garden may 2013resized


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