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Dunja Switzerland: 'Excellent school I will recommend the Exeter Academy to everyone'
Sang-jun, (Korea): 'I’ll never forget this great time in Exeter Academy.'
Rasha, (Iraq): 'If you want to pass the IELTS exam Exeter Academy is the right place to come - studying here is full of fun!'
Ferdinand, (Germany): ‘U are the best!’
Stanislav, (Russia): ‘Do not hesitate, choose Exeter Academy’

The British Council has given Exeter Academy points of excellence for quality control and care of students

As a small school, we can make sure we meet all your needs and concerns. There is always a friendly face to help you !

Our students make excellent and above average progress. 36.9 % finish their courses one level higher than expected, 19% two levels higher and 4% three levels higher *

Our teachers are given a point of excellence by the British Council and rated 'outstanding' by the Independent Schools Inspectorate

Our unique Multi-level course programme is given a point of excellence by the British Council and allows students to study all skills at the right level.

Other details are:

Average 40-50 total students from 12-16 different nationalities

Average class size 6 or 7 students, maximum 12

Average age of students is 30 years old

Achievement in IELTS and Cambridge exams is equally impressive and our students achieve great success in going on to further study

Over 10 years, student feedback for our teaching is 96% positive showing consistent satisfaction over a long period.

Our homestay accommodation has a point of excellence and most families are easy walking distance from the school.

All homestays give full-board accommodation, 3 meals per day, 7 days per week.

Our social programme also has a point of excellence and it is free of charge !

* based on statistics from students studying for 8 weeks or more

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High quality English courses for adults (18+) only – including:
General, IELTS, FCE, Business, Specialist, Medical, Over 50’s


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